Exploring the human psyche and challenging composition and color boundaries.

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He discovered art relatively late in life. Maybe that's why Jonny Forsstrom still has the curiosity and creativity that of a child. He was in his twenties when he started taking it seriously.

Jonny got glasses as a six-year-old, and in the 50s that was a sure sign of weakness that would rule out soccer and wild kids play. But for the first time, he got to see things clearly. A by-standing voyeur taking note of people's gestures.

He had a variety of jobs after his school years; he was a sailor, a shipyard worker, in the hotel business in Gothenburg and Stockholm, and barely got by. His newly discovery of art gave him hope and a new sense of freedom, a new awakening of the world.

After 40 years of exploring the human psyche and challenging composition and color boundaries, Jonny Forsstrom is still going strong.